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Generate a Planet quickly based on the Alien RPG Rulebook

Press the 'Generate Planet' button to generate a planet. All modifiers are in place and calculate according to a random roll.

Planet Size

Size: 15,000 km

Surface Gravity: 1.3 G

Examples: n/a


Type: Thin


Temperature: Frozen

Average Temperature: –50°C or less

Description: Titan, Pluto, Enceladus


Type: Arid World

Description: Global deserts and dry steppes, with some lak

Ice Planet Terrain

Type: Impressive ice escarpment of great length

Colony Size

Size: Established

Population: 2D6x1,000

Missions: D3

Colony Mission

Type: Government HQ


In Orbit: Abandoned or Repurposed Satellite or Space St

Number of Factions

Number of Factions: Two balanced factions

Colony Factions

Colony Factions: Colonial Leadership

Colony Allegiance

Independant Core System Colonies: Kelland Mining

American or Anglo Japanese Arm: Kelland Mining

Scenario Hooks

Hook: Pilfering and thefts force security to search rooms and lockers

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Copyright © 2023 ties that bind gaming

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